Hi, my name’s Dean. Since I was a kid, I’ve always collected knives growing up and loved hanging around my Dad’s shop where I learned all the ins and outs of woodworking.

I could never find knives with beautiful wood and burl handles for decent prices so I started making my own. I make them out of exotic woods and try to showcase the beautiful natural edges of the wood whenever possible.

Dean, Sweet Pine Accents

As my collection of knives grew, so did my love for cooking. When you have quality kitchenware, it really makes all the difference. I look forward to cooking even after coming home from work on a weeknight and take pride in cooking with simple, seasonable ingredients to create beautiful dishes.

I believe simple is better, and would rather have quality over quantity when it comes to kitchenware. I also firmly believe it’s better to use and take care of your knives properly and they will serve you well for years to come. I recommend searching for some YouTube tutorials for how to use your knives properly.

A sharp, well maintained, beautifully crafted knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. Soon you’ll find you don’t need all the other kitchen gadgets that essentially do the same thing as a knife and just take up space in your home. Chopping ingredients into equal pieces is also important for the cooking process to ensure everything cooks equally at the same time.

As you can see, I’m a pretty strong believer in having great kitchen tools and learning to use what you have!

When I’m not in the kitchen I enjoy visiting the local farmers markets and seeing what local produce is in season, hikings, and taking my dog Sloan to the lake to go swimming.

My perfect Saturday would include picking out the freshest ingredients from the local vendors, picking up some fresh bread right out of the oven from the local bakery, and choosing the perfect bottle of wine to go with dinner. I’d spend the afternoon preparing a delicious meal, and have my business associates and friends over for a get together to connect over some good food made with love.

My kitchen is my happy place, and I’ve collected a number of quality items that I’m happy to share with you.

This site is dedicated to all the other passionate home chefs who are looking for high quality kitchen items to elevate their cooking game.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find some products that bring you joy in your kitchen.